MDG Biz Boost Academy

The MDG Biz Boost Academy is a place for female entrepreneurs to connect, share and learn how to show up consistently in their business - online and off.

1:1 Biz Boost Chat

During our one hour conversation we will discuss your project and actionable steps to take to get you started.

Get Legit With Your Social Media

Get Legit With Your Social Media Take 2

2020 Social Media Prompts

This eBook provides daily prompts, monthly content ideas, conversation starters and more to show up online consistently.
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100 Days of Visibility

You can join a group of amazing female entrepreneurs committed to showing up for their communities throughout this summer.

So You Wanna Blog

This self-paced course helps you get started with a blog for your business.

So You Wanna Blog: The Next Level

How to be more productive with your time and tasks

A Guided Journal to Becoming a D.I.V.A. With a Purpose

Meet Michelle D. Garrett

Michelle D. Garrett equips women in business with the tools and resources to show up confidently and consistently online and off.

Michelle focuses on:

  • sharing work-life balance with her community
  • transitioning from working full-time outside the home to being self-employed
  • showing up consistently online and off
  • and the joys and obstacles with establishing a home-based business while being a wife, mom, and friend.

Michelle is, also, a certified social media manager.

Word on the Street...

Spending the summer with Michelle was amazing! She provided many out the box prompts for us to gain visibility. She also held us accountable for getting the work done and growing greater.
Dr. Stevii Mills
OMG, the 100 Days Visibility Challenge was AWESOME! The challenge definitely kept me on my toes and required me to show up consistently on a daily basis.  My engagements and audience grew tremendously with the help of implementing the prompts from the challenge.
E'toshia McFarland
Let me apologize in advance for shouting but I'm about to. 
These prompts just lightened my load and have prevented me from early morning racking my brain to post something before I start my 9 to 5 job!
Ladilvia Lee